welcoming sweet baby james

My sister and her husband welcomed this new addition to their family on January 5th at 8:13 PM.

James Albert was 8 pounds, 7 ounces and 21 1/2" long when he was born.

martha keeps a watchful eye.JPG

Their first child, Lucas, was a screamer. As we were reminiscing last night, Lucas came out screaming (and didn't stop until about a year ago).

James is a very placid baby- lots of sleeping.

When I was doing the photo shoot with James on the floor (in front of the heater on top of two blankets) the family dog Martha couldn't help coming over to guard.

And investigate.

I'm heading back home tomorrow (and can't wait to get back into my kitchen!) but wouldn't have missed James' first days for anything.

Welcome to the family little one!