the 'just right' margarita

Allow me to preface this by saying: I am not a fan of tequila. It's really just not my thing. So when I was planning a dinner a few weeks ago, and one of the guests suggested margaritas, I wasn't thrilled. 'What about Cuba Libres?' I offered. 'How about mojitos?' I suggested. No, no, that won't do…it just has to be margaritas.

Okay then. So, I looked up how to make a margarita. On the internets. Or, as my mom would call it, the World Wide Web. I combined a few recipes, came up with some ideas, and created this drink, insofar as anyone can create something that has been reincarnated infinitely.

The key, as I discovered with some trial and error: absolutely fresh lime AND lemon juice. Premade lemonade/limeade just doesn't have the required sharpness. The Grand Marnier provides a little extra depth to balance out the sourness.

After a few trials, this recipe was pronounced 'just-right' by the margarita-seeking. I have to admit, it's not a drink I would seek out, simply because I don't particularly care for tequila. If you do, this is tops!

Salt or sugar the rim of your glass by dipping it in the lime juice, or running a lime slice around the rim, then dipping.

To cut perfect lime slices, cut your lime in half. Cut a vertical line about 1/4 inch down the center of the lime. Then cut the lime into slices- the cut down the center is how it will sit on the rim of your glass.

The recipe is for one drink. Use caution when scaling up- I would recommend not going any further than doubling without changing the ratios.