cherry gin slushie

Last night, we had a friend over for dinner and made some last minute adjustments to the menu. My mom has been working diligently to get her stately home ready to sell, but it is a very large house, built at the turn of the century (1904, I think) and there is a prodigious amount of work left to do.

Workers have been in and out for weeks. Exterior painters, interior painters, contractors, tile setters, plaster repair...the list goes on. Last night, Mom and I were tidying up after some work had been done, cleaning up grit and grime on different floors of the house.

'Angela,' she said. 'You need to go to the store and get us some cold, cold alcohol'. Now, don't get me wrong. We are not over-indulgent. If anything, quite the opposite- that's why I had to go to two different stores to get the supplies for this drink.

'Are you sure?' I asked (having been to the store twice already). 'Yes. Go now. Go.'

I had seen the idea for this recipe here, and loved it. I definitely recommend trying when you can.

It hit the spot. Cold, crisp, and bright. Just bracing enough, refreshing and not too sweet. Try it next time you're having an outdoor party or just want to shake things up. I did use my ice cream maker- super easy- but you could do this in the freezer too, just shake the container frequently as the ice crystals form. 

Here's the recipe:

10 ounces good gin (I used Hendricks)

1 750 ml bottle good tonic water, like fever tree

Juice of 4 limes, fresh squeezed

3 T tart cherry juice

Combine all the ingredients except the cherry juice in your ice cream maker. Turn it on and expect about 20-25 minutes until it has frozen into crystals. Scoop into glasses and drizzle cherry juice on top. Serve with a lime wedge and extra limes on the side.